Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brand Name Vs. Generic...Toilet Paper Tragedy

Once money starting getting tight, I quickly realized that there were sacrifices that had to be made.   All of a sudden, the $3 I could save from buying store brand toilet paper instead of Charmin Plus Ultra Soft and Thick 5-Ply (okay, getting a tad dramatic there, but you get the idea!) was appealing enough to make the sacrifice.   Many times, the variety of generic toilet paper I have tried - and variety because I get whatever happens to be the best deal - has been okay.  However, I recently learned that while you can go cheaper, cheapest will leave you with a raw bum.  I made the mistake of buying a 1-ply (ugh, and why did I have to get the 12-pack!!) toilet paper that feels like a combination between tissue paper and fine-grit sandpaper.  TP should NOT sound crinkly! 

Here is the culprit!  The packaging is very deceiving.  As you can see, it says "soft and strong."  That would be a definite NO, and NO!  That poor little dog on the package.  This stuff would probably give the thing bald spots on his little hiney! 

I can't fathom wasting this stuff by throwing it away, so we are grinning and bearing through it (only 9 more rolls to go!).   Should I mention that we have guests this weekend?  I guess it is better than nothing, slightly better...  

I have seriously considered writing this company a letter about false advertising, but is it really worth my time?  Even if they sent me a coupon, etc., I can't imagine putting my family's privates through any more torture. 


  1. I can still remember my gran had squares of newspaper tied together with string in her outside toilet. Granddad said you could catch up on some of the reading you missed! He liked the bit with the cross-word on, and swore when the first crossword soft loo roll came out many years later, someone had stolen his idea!

  2. When reading about the TP, the first thing that came to mind was the ad on TV where the guy says we are out of toliet paper, his wife throws him a roll, and he gets a close hair cut because of the roughness!! Sometimes cheaper is not the best route, but I can admire what you are doing-been there myself!!!!! But it WILL get better!

  3. Oh, I can soooo go with this. You made me chortle but I have had the same problem. The worst bit though for cheap paper is when you use it and it disintegrates in your hand leaving you with .... well, we won't go there. !!! Eeeuuuwww !!
    That's the sort I get in Greece anyhow - but it beats the old school stuff that was like tracing paper with a shiny side and a rough side - neither of which were any use..... I'd rather use sandpaper. !!!
    Never mind - only a few more rolls to go hahahahahah :-D
    Ike xxx

  4. Sounds like you'd be better off wiping your 'bits' with the dog ... bwaaahahahahah !!!

  5. Many thanks for the Thank You Comment on the Digi ... you are the first this time out of 20 Downloads so far so it is much appreciated.

    This post made me chortle ... Ike's comment reminded me of the paper when dad was in the army and they used to supply this type of paper to schools etc .. great to use as tracing paper but nothing else.

    On another point regarding false advertising here in the UK they have an advert for Ceasar Dog Food featuring a Westie .. Unfortunately it's the worst thing to feed to this breed as it contains too much protein ... we found out to our cost with a rush to the vet when our fur baby was going from puppy to junior and she's been on a perscription diet ever since.

    Many thanks again for leaving a Comment
    Suze x