Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Lessons From Being Poor

1.  Hanes cotton panties are just as comfortable as Victoria's Secret panties.  Yeah, you lose some of the sexiness, but it's really hard to feel sexy when you're poor anyway.

2.  I can cook just as well as good restaurants and in the same amount of time it takes to drive there, wait, and get served.  Even if I can splurge on a steak ( once a year), it still costs a fraction of eating out, and a quick search on AllRecipes will get me a marinade that beats the steakhouse every time. 

3.   My untrained sister can do a decent job cutting my hair, and that is FREE.  No, it does not look professionally done, but it is definitely passable.  Heck, I wear my hair up in a clip or ponytail 99% of the time anyway, so as long as it is long enough to put up, I'm good to go.

4.   Unless they are born with a silver spoon, young children do not know difference between this season's brand name clothes and last years (or earlier) secondhand.  I live near an outlet mall that has Gap, Old Navy, The Children's Place, OshKosh, etc., but secondhand clothes (even brand name ones) are still less expensive.  Hand-me-downs are even better.  Kids grow so fast and are more interested in playing than putting on a fashion show.

5.   Christmas is not about gifts.  It is about family and fun.  Last year, my sisters and I did an experiment with all the kids.  Instead each family buying each of the kids (ages 1 to 7) a $20 gift (a total of $240 worth of gifts), we each pooled in about $15 (for total of $45) and played games like holiday bingo, pin the nose on the Rudolph, scavenger hunt, etc., and had prizes.  Everyone thought it was way more fun than sitting around and opening a few gifts, and the kids voted to do the same thing next year! 

Care to share any lesson's you have learned from living on a much smaller income than you're used to??

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