Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amy - AKA "The UNDERWEAR Lady"

Ok, so I have a little bit of a dilemma.  Earlier this summer I was playing golf with a friend and at some point, to be quite frank, my undies started creeping and I had to "adjust" myself.  She jokingly asked if my undies were riding, and I jokingly replied that yes, they were, and that buying new underwear was part of my husband's and my financial goals for this year.  

Fast forward 1 week. 

My friend and I meet up again and in her hand is a little Victoria's Secret bag with, like, 9 pairs of panties! I laughed and joked with her, but was secretly mortified! She said that they were from her daughter's dresser (her daughter is 19, I think, and I am 34 with TWO children!), that she had so many pairs and was happy to part with some for the cause.  You will be relieved to know, as was I, that they ALL still had the tags on and had never been worn.  


So here is my dilemma... How in the heck do I thank her daughter?  I do make handmade cards, which is a hobby of mine (here is that blog), but what do I say? Thanks for the undies?  Although most of my undies were at least a few years old, I did have some new before the gift, but I don't want to come off overly grateful like a charity case.  I think it was a gift of good spirit and I guess I'd like to thank her in the same manner, but I just really have NO IDEA how to say it. 

At any rate, whenever my friend mentions me to her daughter, apparently she's like, "Oh, the UNDERWEAR LADY?" 

I Haven't Shampoo'd my Hair in Almost 1 YEAR!

Sounds completely gross, right? Well, for your peace of mind, I DO wash my hair, just not with shampoo!  Does this have anything to do with our finances? - Well, perhaps a little, but most of it has to do with my hair.  I have very fine, limp hair.  I have always struggled with changing seasons when my scalp gets itchy.  If I went more than 1 day in between shampooing my hair, it would look greasy, and that was regardless if I used $2 Suave or $20 salon brands.   And the last straw was after I had Max - my hair start falling out in clumps.  I never went anywhere without either a cap or a bandanna covering my head.  I was at the brink of shaving my head.

After a some time searching the web for some solutions - ones that DIDN'T cost an arm and a leg, I found a site that had some homemade hair washes and decided I had absolutely nothing to lose.  So, on Thanksgiving 2010, I shampooed my hair for the last time, and this was the best thing I ever did!

Ten months later, I can definitely tell which is new growth since I stopped shampooing.  I have a lot of "whispies" that is all that hair that fell out growing back! I take a shower at least every other day, but if I go a couple days (come on, you know you've done it too!) without a shower, my hair looks fine!  My hair ALWAYS looks clean, with shine, and fuller than it ever has! And NO, I am not representing any brand or company! LOL

So here it my secret hair wash...  are you ready?  

Here it is: 

It is really that easy!  All I do is fill my container 1/2 full of baking soda and fill the rest with water.  When I am in the shower, I get my hair wet and then squirt the mixture (shake it up well first!) over my hair.  No suds and it isn't exactly smooth, but don't worry!  I scrub my scalp and hair and then rinse it out well.  Next, I take my spray bottle filled with 100% vinegar and spray my head.  If you can stand the smell, it is TOTALLY  worth it!  I work it through my hair and rinse out.  This acts like a conditioner, making my hair super easy to comb through AND it adds shine!  And that is it! 

BONUS:  I also use the baking soda mixture to wash my face!  It feels squeaky clean afterward, and my skin is softer, smoother, and it has almost completely eliminated the occasional blemishes that I used to get.

I'll see if I can get a picture of my hair now to post...It is over shoulder length now, but I want to cut it short to get rid everything that is over a year old and, trust me, I can tell where that is!

I would love to hear anyone's feedback on this.  Is there anybody else out there who doesn't shampoo?  I admitted this to my sister a few months ago and I got a major EWWWW reaction, but when she looked at my hair, she was impressed.  I didn't convert her, but I just wanted to see what she thought. 

p.s. I do not use styling products in my hair.  I find that with the natural oils in my hair not being stripped away, I don't need those products anymore!  I rarely dry my hair with a dryer, but I will if I'm in a hurry.  I don't notice that that affects anything, except maybe less shine.

p.s.s.  Thank you to my 3 followers.  It is appreciated and it is nice to know I have a few peekers out there. ;)