Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amy - AKA "The UNDERWEAR Lady"

Ok, so I have a little bit of a dilemma.  Earlier this summer I was playing golf with a friend and at some point, to be quite frank, my undies started creeping and I had to "adjust" myself.  She jokingly asked if my undies were riding, and I jokingly replied that yes, they were, and that buying new underwear was part of my husband's and my financial goals for this year.  

Fast forward 1 week. 

My friend and I meet up again and in her hand is a little Victoria's Secret bag with, like, 9 pairs of panties! I laughed and joked with her, but was secretly mortified! She said that they were from her daughter's dresser (her daughter is 19, I think, and I am 34 with TWO children!), that she had so many pairs and was happy to part with some for the cause.  You will be relieved to know, as was I, that they ALL still had the tags on and had never been worn.  


So here is my dilemma... How in the heck do I thank her daughter?  I do make handmade cards, which is a hobby of mine (here is that blog), but what do I say? Thanks for the undies?  Although most of my undies were at least a few years old, I did have some new before the gift, but I don't want to come off overly grateful like a charity case.  I think it was a gift of good spirit and I guess I'd like to thank her in the same manner, but I just really have NO IDEA how to say it. 

At any rate, whenever my friend mentions me to her daughter, apparently she's like, "Oh, the UNDERWEAR LADY?" 


  1. Not really hard. You just thank the daughter for her kind thoughtfulness and you tell her you appreciate the gift very much. No need to name the gift -- you both know what it was. Keep you appreciation in the context of her thoughtfulness. It always works! Hugs to you.

  2. How about "Thank you for your contribution to my comfort. It's good to know there are friends 'behind' me." ;-)